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Army spy Peter Keeley loses legal battle with Irish News

A newspaper has won a landmark legal battle after being sued for publishing a photo of a former Army secret agent inside the IRA.

In what is being seen as a victory for Press freedom, a judge dismissed Peter Keeley's action against the Irish News.

Mr Keeley, a one-time MI5 and RUC informer who uses the pseudonym Kevin Fulton, was seeking £5,000 damages for breach of privacy and copyright.

He also claimed unauthorised use of an unmasked, self-taken picture has exposed him to heightened danger.

But a judge rejected his case and awarded costs against him, leaving the ex-spy facing a potential five-figure legal bill.

The 52-year-old issued proceedings over a photograph which appeared in the paper in April 2011.

In his evidence, given behind screens at Belfast County Court earlier this year, the Newry-born former soldier said he will always be under a death sentence from republicans.

But Judge Isobel Brownlie held the photograph was in the public domain and easily accessible online.

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