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Arrest over Co Down ATM digger robbery

Rebecca Black

A man has been arrested after an ATM was scooped out of the wall of a filling station with a digger.

The incident took place on the Newcastle Road in Seaforde, Co Down in the early hours of Friday morning. Just before 3.45am, thieves used a Volvo digger to remove the ATM machine from the building, causing considerable damage.

It is believed the digger involved was stolen a short time earlier from a nearby quarry. It was burnt out after the attack.

A van believed to have been involved in the incident was recovered by police at the Ballystockart Road in the Comber area at around 7.20pm on Friday evening.

The 32-year-old man was quizzed by police before being released on bail pending further enquiries.

Gang uses digger to rip ATM from filling station wall in Co Down 

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