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Arrests as kids 'run amok' in Northern Ireland park ripping apart playground

Police criticise parents for not knowing what kids are up to

By Jonathan Bell

Around 200 children went on a rampage in a Belfast park, police have said.

On Saturday night, police said a large crowd of kids ripped up a playground in the Falls Park, before pelting officers with bits of the rubber floor and throwing bricks, stones and other missiles.

"This behaviour didn't just put us at risk, but several times the missiles just missed other kids," police said in a Facebook post.

"Damaging a kids [sic] play park which is used by the whole community just isn't on."

Two teenagers were arrested for public order and alcohol offences.

The officer said police alone could not solve the problem and urged parents to know where their children are.

Police said on Friday night a similar number gathered in the area and a teen girl was arrested for disorderly behaviour.

Constable McMullan added: "Damaging a playpark which is used by the whole community is unacceptable and is the kind of anti-social behaviour that adversely affects the quality of life of those people who want to use it.

“Going forward, we will use all the opportunities available to us to address anti-social behaviour – and that means working closely with local residents and other agencies.

“This work includes enforcement -making arrests – and education – helping our young people understand the impact this type of activity can have on victims.

“The three teenagers arrested over the weekend were taken home and dealt with by way of community resolution notices or community resolution notices (CRN), meaning that they were required to acknowledge the unacceptable nature of their actions and apologise for them.

“A condition of the CRN, imposed on one of the teenage boys, is that he is not permitted to enter Falls Park unless accompanied by an adult.”

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Posted by PSNI West Belfast on Saturday, July 22, 2017

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