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Arson bid at Magherafelt Orange hall condemned

By Rebecca Black

An Orange hall in Magherafelt narrowly avoided being totally destroyed after flammable liquid was poured around the doors and set alight.

It is the sixth attack on an Orange hall this year.

The targeting of Ballyneal Orange hall comes just a week after a hall at Strawletterdallon in Co Tyrone was attacked.

The accelerant was sprayed around the front and emergency doors of the Magerafelt building and ignited.

However, the Brookmount Road property sustained only minor scorch damage in the failed attempt to torch it.

It is understood the incident took place either late on Tuesday night or in the early hours of Wednesday.

An Orange Order spokesman condemned those responsible for the incident.

"This is clearly a sinister development and a blatant attempt to destroy Orange property in a rural and isolated area," he added.

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