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Artist Martin Bradley in talks bid to end dispute

Two artists caught up in a copycat row have spoken to each other in a bid to resolve the controversy, it can be revealed.

Yesterday the Belfast Telegraph revealed that Northern Ireland painter Martin Bradley had been accused of producing almost “exact replicas” of works by renwoned American painter Tim Rogerson.

After the dicussion with the local artist, Florida-based Mr Rogerson claimed he was “humbled” by the fact that Mr Bradley had been inspired by him.

But he added: “You never, under any circumstances, take credit for another artist’s work.

“It was a poor decision on Mr Bradley’s part.”

Father-of-two Mr Bradley (55) has apologised for any offence caused to the American artist and said that he hoped something positive could come out of the matter.

Mr Rogerson, who has gained world recognition for his Disney fine art, said: “He's been very apologetic for any harm he's caused. He's evolving into his own ideas and he does have some great ideas for his own works of art.”

However, Michael Young, president of Collectors Editions and agent for Mr Rogerson, said he could still see distinct similarities between Mr Rogerson’s paintings and Mr Bradley’s recent work.

He said: “I do see that most of his current work has not been lifted. However, some of the characters are still a bit too exact.”

Belfast-born Mr Bradley now lives and works in Ballyclare, Co Antrim. He said that after speaking to Mr Rogerson he was confident that both artists could work out a positive agreement.

Mr Bradley became embroiled in controversy when it emerged that he had produced strikingly similar copies of the brightly coloured and angular characters which Mr Rogerson is famous for.

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