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Artist solves the political jigsaw

An east Belfas artist has come up with a clever piece of artwork aimed at bringing two of Ireland’s biggest political figures closer together.

The beauty of the piece is; it comes in two pieces and to become one, each part of the image — one now held by the President and one by Dr Paisley — has to be brought together.

It is jigsaw like and its dark and light blue colours make it a striking piece of contemporary art.

The presentation was made at the Park Avenue Hotel last Tuesday afternoon as part of the Ullans Academy’s day commemorating the life of Irish missionary Columbanus.

Both Dr Paisley and President McAleese made speeches before the presentation was made.

Speaking after the event, Ian Fleming told the Community Telegraph: “Personally, it was an honour for me to make the presentation as both are important people in Irish society.

“And the significance of the piece was not lost on anyone there — everyone could see it was was two sides of one artwork. The piece will never be complete while the two pieces are separated. I think the message resonated with people.”

Talking specifically about the idea for a satellite image, the artist, who lives between Belfast and Dublin, said: “It gives people perspective; that this is just a small little area in the world as a whole.”

Ian Fleming is an associate lecturer in Interactive Design at the University of Ulster, Belfast with extensive experience in the fields of communication design; print; television; animation; multimedia and web.

Alongside his role as an educator Ian is involved in practice-based research, project management and art based workshop activities.

He has established an international reputation as a fine art practitioner, exhibiting extensively locally, nationally and internationally and is represented within public, private and corporate collections worldwide.

Ian is a founder member of Creative Exchange Artist Studios, and the CommonInterests Charitable Trust.

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