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Ashers bakery to limit special order cake range temporarily while it considers policy after 'gay cake' case

By Claire Williamson

Ashers Bakery are to limit their range of special order cakes temporarily while it considers its future policy following the 'gay cake' case judgement.

The Christian-run bakery has made temporary changes to its ordering service for customers following the judgement in the case this week where it refused to make a cake bearing a pro-gay marriage slogan.

District Judge Isobel Brownlie ruled the defendants unlawfully discriminated on the grounds of sexual orientation

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland brought the case against Ashers Bakery on behalf of gay rights activist Gareth Lee whose order was refused.

The family-run bakery, which delivers across the UK and Ireland, turned down the request for a cake with an image of Sesame Street puppets Bert and Ernie below the motto Support Gay Marriage.

It had been ordered for a private function marking International Day Against Homophobia last May.

The bakery will limit the special cake orders to that of birthdays and baby-related products.

In a statement issued by the Christian Institute it said that Ashers Baking Company has decided to limit the scope of its Build A Cake department while the owners review this aspect of their business and take further advice from lawyers.

General Manager of Ashers, Daniel McArthur said: “Due to the recent legal developments we have decided to limit our celebration cake range to certain birthday and baby-related celebration cakes while we consider our policy and talk with our lawyers.

"The department represents a small part of the business and no jobs will be impacted. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our loyal customers. Part of our website is currently under reconstruction to reflect the position.”

The family has been given the full support of The Christian Institute which has funded their defence costs.

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