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Ashers 'gay cake' case made news all around the world

By John Porter

The Ashers court showdown has been one that has made headlines across the world.

And when the verdict dropped just after 10am yesterday, it set the global news wires alight.

'Northern Ireland Bakery Discriminated Against Gay Customer, Court Finds,' was the headline in The New York Times.

It likened the case to the conscious clause-type Bill that was introduced in Indiana, which allowed businesses to refuse to serve gay customers.

The law was modified after fierce criticism from rights groups and after companies threatened to withdraw from the state, taking thousands of jobs with them.

"It could be the cake that dooms gay marriage in Ireland," was the response from one online commenter to the story in Canada's Globe and Mail.

Christian Today led with the reaction of the McArthur family to the decision.

'We don't think we have done anything wrong' was its headline.

Meanwhile, the Buzzfeed website declared the verdict "a victory for LGBT rights".

And the London Telegraph's cartoonist Matt took a swipe at the case.

A caption alongside a sketch of a man in a bakery, read: "How heterosexual are your fairy cakes?"

Meanwhile, the British Baker magazine told the story of an Ashers Bakery in Scotland that has faced a huge backlash over the row, despite only sharing the same name as the Northern Ireland firm at the centre of the legal battle.

The Nairn-based bakery near Inverness told British Baker that since Ashers bakery in Belfast refused to bake a cake for a gay man, it has received "hundreds" of emails either criticising or supporting the case.

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