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Ashley Madison hack: 2,600 Northern Ireland cheaters facing exposure

By Adrian Rutherford

More than 2,600 adulterous Northern Ireland people could be exposed by a major cyber attack on the Ashley Madison dating website.

Hundreds of local users are signed up to the site, which encourages extramarital affairs.

There are at least 2,450 married men and 190 married women with registered profiles on the site, which uses the slogan 'Life is short. Have an affair'.

Hackers have threatened to release data on its millions of worldwide users, claiming they have stolen their real names and addresses.

Accusing users of being "cheating dirtbags", they claim to have obtained information including "all the customers' secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions".

The site's operator confirmed there had been an "intrusion", but not its extent.

The Ashley Madison website promises members - 1.2 million of whom are in the UK - complete anonymity.

A search of the site reveals hundreds of Northern Ireland users - the vast majority of them married men.

Most users are located in the Belfast, Lisburn and Derry areas.

They include one called MB1062, who describes himself as male, aged 52 and weighing "a few extra pounds".

He states: "I'll be upright and honest about things. I don't have a six pack just a regular chap looking for some fun and excitement with some like minded ladies."

Another, Damian5991 from the Derry area, states: "I'm attracted to independent, strong women with a bit of life experience."

A 45-year-old female user from Belfast, known as AlmondCrunch, writes: "Need some passion back in my life."

A 34-year-old blonde from Newry, known as Bee-line, describes herself as a "professional woman looking for additional fun and adventure".

Yesterday Ashley Madison waived its fee to delete profiles.

The hackers, who style themselves Impact Team, have already exposed a handful of men using the site to cheat on their wives.

One was named as Pernell from Massachusetts, "who spitefully paid for Ashley Madison the day after Valentine's Day in 2014", the group said.

Another member is named as Rickie from Ontario.

He apparently paid Ashley Madison to have his profile deleted, but hackers say the website took his money but never did it.

Referring to his profile Impact Team said: "You must be glad you paid for your profile to be deleted, huh?"

Impact Team say Ashley Madison members should not have anonymity because they are "cheating dirtbags and deserve no such discretion".


Ashley Madison says it operates in more than 50 countries and has 37m users.

It is believed to have 40,000 users across Ireland.

The site previously charged $19 (£12) for a "full delete" of users' details.

The hackers alleged the service was a "complete lie" as some personal info was kept even after a customer had paid for it to be removed.

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