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Assault man’s family say UVF behind hate campaign

The family of a man who was beaten over the head by a gang armed with hammers have called for his attackers to “leave them alone”.

The partner of Danny Johnston said she wants an end to the attacks targeting their family.

Mr Johnston was assaulted by a gang of four men in his home in the Church Green area of Holywood, Co Down, on Sunday night. He was treated in hospital with head injuries, and was yesterday recovering in bed at his own home.

The brutal attack left Mr Johnston with three “very deep wounds” to the back of his head, said partner Linda Martin. The assault is the most recent in a string of attacks which have targeted the Johnston family for the last three years, said Ms Martin, after a “stupid” argument in a bar.

She blamed the UVF for the attacks, which have seen three of Mr Johnston’s brothers leave the country.

“We have been absolutely tortured,” she said. “Every time we think it’s quietened down they come back.

“We just don’t know how much more we can take before somebody’s really going to get hurt badly.

“Danny has been sent death threats,” she said, adding they were anticipating more threats to be issued.

She said the family is causing no trouble and they have the support of their entire street. Sending out a message to those responsible, she said: “Leave us alone, we’re not bothering anybody.”

A 38-year-old man has been charged following the attack. He man is due to appear at Bangor magistrates court on September 22.

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