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Assembly member Emma Pengelly writes to 1,200 schools across Northern Ireland


DUP MLA Emma Pengelly

DUP MLA Emma Pengelly

DUP MLA Emma Pengelly

DUP MLA Emma Pengelly has written to 1200 schools and nursery managers in Northern Ireland asking those with experience on the front line of education.

Schools across Northern Ireland are facing slashed budgets as a result of cuts from the reduced Stormont budget.

DUP MLA Emma Pengelly said the initiative of writing to every school has already generated responses and positive contributions from across the Province.

"Helping and supporting all of our young people in Northern Ireland to succeed and fulfil their potential is something I am passionate about," she said.

"I am determined to do what I can to bring about the actions needed to improve lives. There has been discussion about this issue but I want to turn talk into action.

"Our education system produces some of the best results across the UK, but we also need new actions to help the minority of young people who, year on year, do not achieve their potential or who sadly fail in education.

"Quite often those with the best ideas of how to fix problems are the people on the frontline. Those who see the problems everyday.  I want the help of those on the frontline. I want our education system to give those teachers the tools they need to ensure every child reaches their potential."


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