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Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon: my terror at hands of Northern Ireland stalker

By Lindsay Fergus

Atomic Kitten star Liz McClarnon has spoken of the hell she endured at the hands of a Northern Ireland stalker.

The pop star became so petrified by a string of vile tweets that she reported the Co Armagh man to police.

And the Belfast Telegraph can reveal that the Lurgan stalker had also been bombarding Girls Aloud's Nadine Coyle with tweets telling the Londonderry singer he loved her in the days before he appeared in court on charges.

Singer Liz told the Sunday Mirror: "After a while it went into absolute filth and graphic sexual messages. The threats came later. He said exactly how he was going to rape me. It was so scary that at first I just blocked him on Twitter and tried not to think about it. But he kept making more profiles in different names."

After realising he was a fan from Atomic Kitten's heyday, the Liverpool star contacted police in October 2011, which culminated in the Co Armagh man being convicted in January of harassing Liz and five others. The 34-year-old was given three years' probation and a community sex offences programme, as well as drug and alcohol counselling. He was also given a restraining order and banned from using social network sites.

One of his Twitter sites, which has been inactive since January 29, makes reference to the court case.

Two tweets on January 28 say: "Hearing brought forward to 10am tomorrow. #DDay" and "This time tomorrow it'll all be over, hopefully! :) only took 486 days".

A tweet on the day of the actual hearing reads: "Whatever happens in just over an hours time please please do not feel guilty! You are NOT to blame! & remember still love u xxx".

Another celebrity that he followed on Twitter was Nadine Coyle. He inundated her with tweets and made numerous appeals to the Girls Aloud star to tweet him.

One message said "@NadineCoyleNow loved ur performance at the Derry concert. Nothing beats a good GA medley" while another read "@NadineCoyleNow I'm going to Belfast & Liverpool dates, that'll be 11 times seeing GA! From Co Armagh."

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