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Attack on Twaddell Avenue camp 'was a hate crime'

By Staff Reporter

Police are treating an attack on a loyalist protest camp on Monday night as a hate crime.

North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds said three people were outside the protest camp at Twaddell Avenue at around 11.30pm when around 15 people walked up the Crumlin Road on the Ardoyne side of the roundabout. Minutes later the youths, described as in their late teens, returned, running towards Twaddell and throwing rocks and stones.

The DUP deputy leader said the attack continued for more than 10 minutes until police arrived and chased the youths into Brompton Park.

Mr Dodds said: "Thankfully there are no reports of any injuries."

Loyalists set up camp at Twaddell Avenue in July 2102 after a Parades Commission decision stopped an Orange Order parade on a stretch of the adjoining Crumlin Road, which separates unionist and nationalist areas.

Monday night's attack follows a similar stone-throwing attack two weeks ago and an incident in which loyalist banners were slashed and flags stolen.

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