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Attacked pensioner vows to stay at Belfast home

By Raymond Kilpatrick

A pensioner who was attacked by a masked gang in his home on Friday night has vowed to remain at the property he has lived at for the past 30 years.

Seventy-three-year-old Brian Hillick sustained a cut to his head and lost a tooth when he was knocked onto the street during the ordeal.

He had been asleep in the living room of his Rosapenna Court house in north Belfast when three men broke in.

Mr Hillick’s 78-year-old disabled sister was also in the property at the time. “After dinner I lay down on the settee and had a little doze — next thing I know this guy is holding me down with his hand on my chest,” he said.

The man demanded money while the other two masked men went upstairs and ransacked the house.

But the quick-thinking pensioner was determined to get them out.

Brian continued: “I keep a little money box — it's plastic — and I threw it at the window.

“It made such a noise that (one of them) panicked and shouted for the others to get out.”

The gang fled empty-handed but Brian was flung onto the street sustaining injuries for which he was taken to hospital and later discharged.

Brian said the local community has rallied round since the incident and has vowed that he will be remaining in his home.

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