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Attacker told victim 'you should have died', court told

By George Jackson

A man charged with trying to kill his girlfriend told her “you should have died when I strangled you” when she regained consciousness, a court has heard.

When police arrested Phillip Henson later, he attacked an officer and said: “I want to shoot you in the face. I look forward to shooting you in the face.”

Henson, from King's Lane in Ballykelly, Co Londonderry, is alleged to have carried out the attack on his girlfriend, who is from Carrigans in Co Donegal, in his home early on Monday morning.

He is also charged with assaulting her and assaulting two police officers, falsely imprisoning his girlfriend, possessing a knife and threatening to kill two police officers, also at his home on Monday.

A PSNI officer told Derry Magistrates Court that police responded to a call that the defendant was seen beating his girlfriend outside his home at 2.14am on Monday.

The complainant had red marks on her neck and she told the officers that the defendant had put his hands around her neck and squeezed her until she passed out.

The court was told that when the woman came to, the defendant told her: “You should have died when I strangled you.”

He then drew a knife across his throat before pointing the weapon at his girlfriend. The complainant also told the police that her boyfriend had punched her on the face and had banged her head off a doorstep.

The police witness said when the defendant was arrested he became verbally and physically abusive to officers. He headbutted one of them twice on the face, kneed him on the thigh and bit him on the left hand.

Henson is alleged to have told an officer that he was looking forward to shooting him in the face.

He also threatened to kill another officer by saying he knew where he lived and he would get him.

Deputy district judge Mervyn Bates said Henson was given a suspended sentence in March for assaulting a police officer. He remanded the defendant in custody.

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