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Attacker's appeal bid is rejected by court

A seven-year sentence imposed on a man who broke into his ex-girlfriend's home to beat her and her new partner was justified, Northern Ireland's most senior judge has ruled.

Gerard Thomas Devlin (35) attacked the couple in a bedroom and threatened to kill them both.

The ex-girlfriend’s new partner escaped out a window, but was trailed back in by the hair, forced to her knees and doused with a can of energy drink. Devlin also bit the woman's ear, kicked and jumped on her back, inflicting a laceration in September 2008.

He was sentenced at Enniskillen Crown Court in 2010 to four years in jail. A further three-year extended licence period was imposed on him too.

He challenged the total sentence by claiming it was manifestly excessive.

Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan dismissed the appeal saying that the custodial sentence was not disproportionate or excessive in the circumstances.

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