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Audio: Arlene Foster says DUP will 'not roll over' for Sinn Fein

Outgoing First Minister Arlene Foster has issued a warning to Sinn Fein saying that the DUP will not "rewrite the past" following the next election.

Mrs. Foster who was ousted from the First Minister position by the resignation of Martin McGuinness last week amid the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal said her party would not “roll over” for Sinn Fein  after the snap election.

It comes as Sinn Fein MLA Michelle O'Neill on Tuesday night said the British government had undermined the political institutions by failing to honour its agreements.

She said: "It is a bit rich for British Secretary of State James Brokenshire to say that his government will continue to stand by commitments made in agreements.

"The British governments refusal to honour its commitments on equality provisions and legacy, its imposition of austerity and its attempt to drag the north out of the EU have undermined the political institutions.

"In doing they have given cover to the DUP's arrogance and their disregard and disrespect for the institutions and the people."

During a visit to Enniskillen on Tuesday Mrs. Foster was asked if she thought she would return to Stormont as First Minister following the March 2 vote.

She told the Impartial Reporter: “Undoubtedly before that there is some work to do, particularly in and around the negotiations which will happen after the election.

“If Sinn Fein think we are simply roll over after an election when we didn’t allow them to, for example rewrite the past before the election, we are certainly not going to do it after the election. I think there will be very tough negotiations after the election."

Mrs Foster's comments came as the BBC Stephen Nolan Show revealed that the biggest cluster of recipients for RHI, the incentive that sparked the current political crisis, is around Dungannon, County Tyrone - Mrs. Foster’s constituency.

It has 342 boilers - one in six of the total across Northern Ireland.

Asked if she specifically encouraged people in her own constituency to avail of the scheme, Mrs. Foster replied: “I was Minister at the time of the scheme and I was hoping people would take up the scheme and indeed during my time in office there was an underspend.

“As regards the geographical spread of the scheme not one person, not one person came into my office nor did I advise one person in relation to the scheme in the Fermanagh-south Tyrone area.

"I can categorically stand over the fact that I didn’t advise one single person or one single business to take up the RHI scheme.”

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