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Awards honour for Queen's University scientist

A Queen's University scientist has been recognised as one of the leading Asian women in the UK with a nomination in this year's Asian Women of Achievement Awards.

Dr Geetha Srinivasan, from Queen's Ionic Liquid Laboratories Research Centre, has been shortlisted in the Professions category which recognises sustained excellence.

The national award acknowledges the achievements of Asian women in the UK across various disciplines including business, arts, media, sport, entrepreneurship, professions, and social and humanitarian work.

The award promotes the concept that geographical relocation is not a barrier to success.

Through her research, Dr Srinivasan has contributed significantly to an industrial project with global energy giant Petronas in the removal of toxic mercury from natural gas.

The project has been commercialised and is running successfully on an industrial scale. She is also developing a novel medical device for combating urinary tract infections.

In 2012, Dr Srinivasan, became the first L'Oreal-Unesco Outstanding Women in Science recipient from Northern Ireland.

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