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Baby escapes injury in Belfast jeweller's axe raid

A baby's buggy was showered with glass and staff were left traumatised after two men smashed up a Belfast jewellery store with an axe.

The would-be robbers entered Kavanagh’s jewellers on Gresham Street at around 2.15pm on Monday.

One of the males smashed a glass display cabinet with the axe. Two workers were then punched after a struggle ensued with the raiders.

One staff member was struck on the arm and leg and the second was hit on the back.

A staff member said a woman and young baby had been very close to the cabinet when the raiders hit it.

The child’s buggy was hit with flying shards of glass but the baby was protected by a rain shield.

The men fled the shop empty-handed. It is believed they made their escape in a small, silver car in the Gresham Street area before driving down Samuel Street in the direction of Millfield.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to contact them on 084 5600 8000.

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