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Baby 'escapes injury' in car smash

A baby caught up in an accident where a car crashed into a fast food restaurant had a miraculous escape, it was claimed.

The car ploughed into the Chinese takeaway on the Cliftonville Road in north Belfast at around 7pm on Friday.

A number of people were taken to hospital, but there were no reports of loss of life.

A baby in a pram was said to be among those caught up in the crash as the vehicle reportedly veered off the road.

People in the area said the baby was thrown free from its pram but escaped injury, and a local councillor said only luck had prevented a tragedy.

Sinn Fein representative Danny Lavery said the community was shocked by the accident.

"This must have been an absolutely terrifying experience for the people who were in the Chinese restaurant and in those shops, to witness such a scene," he said.

"But it must have been even more traumatic for the young baby and the family involved.

"Thankfully nobody was killed."

A number of people were taken to hospital, including the driver of the car.


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