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Back off, Quinn vandals are told

Vandals attacking property at the former Quinn group have been urged to back off.

Outraged staff at the Derrylin, Co Fermanagh, manufacturing and insurance firm said the damage was not helping their fight to save jobs.

Part of a wall of the staff canteen was demolished, leaving a gaping hole, but employees had already gone home and there were no injuries.

One worker said: "The people behind this do not represent those who work here, this does not help us save jobs."

The building is held up by temporary supports while rubble and smashed window panes are cleared. The truck was found burned out on a side road nearby.

Wednesday night's attack was the latest in a series since the former Anglo-Irish Bank took control of Sean Quinn`s business.

Police confirmed that shortly after 6pm a vehicle was taken from behind the premises and driven into the front of the building, before it was taken a short distance away, set alight and destroyed. Tattered Christmas decorations were visible inside the badly-damaged premises and workers were removing debris.

John Maguire, who represented the Concerned Irish Business Group which supports Quinn, said the destruction would help nobody.

"It is time for reflection, cool heads and common sense to prevail on all sides," he said. "Nobody has worked harder for the local community than Sean Quinn and his local staff and it is unfortunate that what has happened has happened."

Mr Quinn has previously condemned the attacks, said those responsible were not acting in his name and called for them to stop. Vehicles have been burned and power lines cut to businesses in the group.


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