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Back to business for MLA Hussey following sex sting by tabloid

By Jonny Bell

It is back to business as usual for Ulster Unionist MLA Ross Hussey following newspaper revelations over his sex life.

The West Tyrone representative and Policing Board member admitted to using an online dating site to arrange "stranger sex" and also sent nude pictures of himself - without being asked - to an undercover Sunday Life reporter.

Yesterday morning Mr Hussey said it had been working with constituents on a number of issues.

"Knocks my 'worries' into a cocked hat," he wrote on Facebook.

He added: "Back to earth with a bump yesterday! My thanks to Audrey Adams and Lesley Vennard for their support, and of course, to all who have sent messages of support.

"Real life issues such as DLA renewals, DLA appeals, ESA appeals, Income Support, Carers Allowance and our first PIP application, complaints about roads and more!"

Hundreds of people reacted to the post, one said: "Good on you Ross, I told you it will all be forgotten by Tuesday."

"You will always have my support," added another. "Team Hussey all the way."

Mr Hussey admitted taking part in "stranger sex" and that he sends nude pictures to people on a dating site.

Sunday Life said Mr Hussey turned up to a hotel last week for what he thought was a liaison with a reporter, who he had never met before and whose name he did not know, adding that he was "risking his personal security and potentially the security of other members of the Policing Board".

The 57-year-old is chairman of the board's audit and risk committee, and like all board members is subject to a strict code of conduct.

Sunday Life said it was tipped off about Mr Hussey's activities on the website by one of his constituents in Omagh, who was able to identity the MLA.

"Our source was angry that he voted against gay marriage at Stormont while at the same time using an internet forum to arrange sex sessions with total strangers," the newspaper reported.

In a statement, Mr Hussey said that when the newspaper contacted him "I thought my world was crashing around me."

He said he had made "a terrible error of judgment" in sending the photos, adding: "I apologise unreservedly to my family, friends and colleagues for any embarrassment I have caused."

Mr Hussey has received widespread support online since Dunday's revelations.

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