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Bail appeal refused after indecent assault incident

A supermarket customer who was convicted of indecently assaulting a member of staff will remain in custody until he is sentenced.

James Morgan (46) was found guilty of touching the woman's breast and trying to kiss her in the Carrickfergus branch of Tesco.

He was arrested after returning to the store just over two weeks after the incident, the High Court heard yesterday.

Morgan, of Adelaide Avenue, Whitehead, was appealing the refusal of bail pending sentencing later this month.

But a judge yesterday refused his application after being told four bench warrants had to be issued to ensure he attended court.

He was originally found guilty at a magistrate’s court trial in September last year, following the assault in June 2009.

Crown counsel Conor Maguire told the court Morgan was intoxicated at the time and had been attempting to hug the injured party and kiss her on the cheek.

Barry Gibson, defending, said admissions made by Morgan were in an attempt to clarify his actions in “comforting” a woman he believed to be a friend.

The defendant was also only recently discovered to be illiterate. His lawyer claimed this could explain his failure to respond to legal correspondence.

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