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Ballyduff grow their own

Households in Ballyduff are rolling up their sleeves and picking up their trowels, all set to take part in an ‘Eat What Your Grow’ project.

The project, funded by the NIHE and Northern Investing for Health Programme, is being organised by Housing Executive neighbourhood warden Connor Smith in partnership with Ballyduff Community House.

Each of the 10 participating households will have an allotment built in their garden and, following expert training sessions on how to prepare the plot and grow produce, will be able to plant out their allotments with a selection of fruit and vegetables.

The gardeners will then benefit from cookery sessions to demonstrate how they can use their produce to create healthy meals.

Stephanie McVicker, from Ballyduff Community House, is enthusiastic about the prospect of local people trying their hand at this initiative in self sufficiency.

She said: “This is a great opportunity for local people to grow produce that they can then use in their kitchens.

“Not only will they have the enjoyment of tending their plants and watching them grow, they will have the satisfaction of producing healthy, affordable food to put on their tables.

“The allotments will also be a great tool for bringing people together, with the gardeners sharing their experiences, resources and their produce,” she added.

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