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Ballyhornan residents hoping for assistance

For decades a Co Down town was a hive of activity and during World War II it was filled with RAF personnel but today the forgotten hamlet of Ballyhornan is hoping for Stormont assistance to secure its survival as one of the “best kept secrets in Northern Ireland”.

Lying six miles south of Strangford and four miles north of Ardglass, Ballyhornan’s fate changed when the RAF billets were bought over by locals who today remain stuck with World War II era sewage and roads and no street lighting.

Owning the entire estate themselves, residents would have to pay for the infrastructure improvements as the state authorities have no obligation to repair or upgrade it, and they are hoping the Office and the First and Deputy First Minister might step in.

Though its 1,000 residents live with stunning views amid “the best kept secrets in Northern Ireland” according to locals, they say “we would need the OFMDFM to come on board and invest a lot of money in the area”, according to the BBC.

Belfast Telegraph