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Ballymena hair shave victim hits out at 'evil' attackers

By Staff Reporter

A woman who was stripped naked and had her hair shaved off before it was set on fire said what her attackers did to her "you wouldn't do to a dog".

Lesley McLeod was so scared she fled Ballymena after the brutal assault.

Four people who attacked the 33-year-old and filmed it on a mobile phone are due to be sentenced next month.

They are Paula Wilson (21), Nathan Telford (21), Alister Hamilton (22) and Paul Balmer (42) - all from the Ballymena area.

Lesley has no memory of the attack, which took place in May, 2013 at a party in Ballymena.

"What they did to me you wouldn't do to a dog, they are evil," she said.

"I believe I was spiked with drugs and the attack on me by those scumbags was pre-planned. I have been left with horrific mental scars.

"Those four that attacked me are sick in the head... (they) will never know or understand the damage they did to me."

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