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Ballymoney Pantry Officer’s Titanic survival tale finally unearthed

The story of a man buried in an unmarked grave in Ballymoney has been shared with the public after staff at Ballymoney Museum undertook an extensive research project to tell the tale of a Mr Wilfred Seward.

Seward, who was Chief Pantry Officer, Second Class, onboard the liner hailed from London but spent most of his life in the Glebeside Estate, Ballymoney with his family.

Mr Seward’s connection to the Titanic and its demise was only revealed in 2006 when a newspaper report identified his burial place.

Today the museum was able to recall Seward’s thoughts on the day the ship sank and release a photograph of him.

According to the museum, Seward gave an interview to The Northern Constitution on the 50th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic in 1962.

In the interview, he discussed the scene from his lifeboat: "I saw all the people left on board make a rush for the after part of the ship. She suddenly took a steep dive, and within a very short time she had gone. As she went down I heard terrible screams, like people yelling wildly at a football match. Then there was nothing but silence."

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