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Banbridge Council hits out at Invest NI for 'neglect'

A Banbridge councillor has slammed Invest NI for a lack of involvement when it comes to land owned and leased by the agency in the district which he claims has caused the area to lose out on crucial jobs and business development.

Councillor Ian Burns told the Dromore Leader: "There has been little investment in this area by Invest NI - when we see the other areas being developed and creating jobs Banbridge seems to be the poor relation."

Mr Burns and his fellow represenatives appealed to Invest NI for an explanation as to why the agency has failed to support their constituency while other districts including Craigavon enjoys more than 308 acres of land owned by the investment agency - a relatively larger area than Banbridge's 25 acres of Invest NI land.

An Invest NI spokeswoman responded: "Banbridge is treated the same as everyone else in line with our policy.

"Invest NI will only buy land in those areas where it can be demonstrated that there is a failure on behalf of the private sector to provide industrial land," continued the Invest NI representative.

"When deciding when and where to buy land, factors such as prevailing Government policy and qualifying business density are considered," she added.

It is anticipated that the council will invite the Chief Executive of Invest NI, Alastair Hamilton to a meeting in the near future.

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