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Banbridge family's 'terrifying' ordeal at hands of burglars

By Christine Carrigan

A mother has described the harrowing ordeal she endured after burglars forced their way into her home in what police have described as a "vicious" attack.

The woman and her two daughters - aged 17 and eight - were in their property in the Bramblewood area of Banbridge last Friday night when the incident occurred.

Three males forced their way through the front door just before 11pm.

The mother and eldest daughter were treated in hospital for suspected fractures after the intruders repeatedly hit them.

The eight-year-old was treated for shock after one of the men held her down.

The family, who asked not to be named, revealed that the burglars left empty-handed despite valuables being in the house.

Speaking to the Banbridge Chronicle, the family have said they had no idea why their home was targeted.

They speculated the perpetrators might have been under the influence of drink or drugs.

"It was a very terrifying experience," the mother said.

"I went to bed at about 10pm, my little one was in the living room watching cartoons and my older daughter was in her bedroom watching a movie.

"All of a sudden, I heard a bang - it was the front door being forced in. I could hear a voice saying 'Where is your mummy?'

"When I realised what was happening I ran and grabbed a stick to defend myself.

"One of the men turned to me and tried to hit me.

"The two others were in the kitchen - I could hear raised voices like they were arguing.

"I ran to my older daughter and she tried to protect me, and fought back. The man then hit out at her.

"The whole ordeal probably lasted for five minutes or so - it was long enough."

The mother revealed that her youngest daughter is still finding it difficult to eat and sleep.

The father, who had left the house at around 8pm on Friday evening, has condemned the attack on his family and said it has left them in a "terrible way".

"To beat a woman and two children is just the lowest," he told the Chronicle.

Detective Inspector Stephen Harvey said: "This was a vicious act and I would ask for the public to assist us in bringing the perpetrators to justice."

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