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Bandsmen 'flouted the law at St Patrick's Chapel in north Belfast'


A flute band played music outside a Catholic church in a concerted act of defiance at parading restrictions, a court has heard.

Fists were pumped in the air as the Pride of Ardoyne band passed St Patrick's Chapel in north Belfast, prosecutors said.

A judge was told of the demeanour and behaviour of some as two drummers denied a charge of knowingly flouting a Parades Commission condition.

Michael Cosby and Richard Dunn insisted they were unaware only a single drum beat was to be played on the stretch of their route along Donegall Street. Eyesight and reading limitations formed part of the defence case.

Cosby (51), of Wheatfield Drive, and Dunn (26), from Alliance Road, are jointly accused of failing to comply with the determination in August last year.

The alleged breach occurred during the annual Royal Black Institution parade.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard police had put signs along the route warning of the restriction.

District Judge Amanda Henderson refused a defence attempt to have the case thrown out.

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