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Bangor ‘eyesore’ TV result ‘not a surprise’

By Michael Bashford

Queen's Parade in Bangor being hailed as the number one eyesore in Northern Ireland in a UTV poll was “no big surprise”, according to North Down councillor Peter Weir.

Ultimate Ulster, which is broadcast on a Friday night on UTV, held a public vote into what the public believe is ‘Ulster's Worst Eyesore' — taking into account graffiti, litter and derelict buildings among other things.

Councillor Weir said there was “no doubt that the current state of Queen’s Parade”, which is situated at the seafront, “is a blight on our landscape”.

“What this poll confirms is not simply the concerns of people in North Down, but also the wider feelings of many people throughout Northern Ireland,” Mr Weir said.

“The current state of this part of Bangor is clearly not only damaging the town’s reputation throughout Northern Ireland, but clearly damaging both trade and tourism.”

Presenter Frank Mitchell said: “Both the Belfast City Hospital and the recently built Opera House extension made the top 10, but it was Bangor’s derelict seafront at Queen’s Parade, which has been locally named as the ‘gap in Bangor’s smile’, that made it to number one.”

The Ultimate Ulster poll was an “unexpected result to many viewers”, he added.

Plans for the re-development of Queen’s Parade are currently in the pipeline by a private developer while new artwork at the seafront are also planned in the coming months.

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