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Bangor male stripper jailed for Asda TV theft

A Northern Ireland stripper has been caged for walking out of a supermarket with a TV while in a booze and drugs haze.

At Bangor Magistrate's Court last week Sasha Machala, of Willowbrook Place, was locked up for theft — but it was said he was so blitzed he can't remember committing the crime.

The 22-year-old, who hit the headlines last year when he pulled off his electronic tag in a police station because it was getting in the way of his stripping career, was jailed last month for offences in County Antrim.

He was produced from prison for last week's hearing, wearing a grey T-shirt and looking haggard.

The court heard that police were called out to Asda on Bangor's Main Street at around 4pm on March 31, 2009.

Two televisions worth a total of £330 had been stolen from the store and CCTV showed Machala and another man picking up the TVs before strolling out without attempting to pay.

The stripper was arrested and at first denied any knowledge of the crime, but eventually admitted his guilt. One of the televisions was found, but the other was never recovered.

Machala's lawyer said the stripper puts the offence down to “drug and alcohol difficulties” and that he couldn't remember taking the TV.

Defence counsel also pointed to the 22-year-old's criminal record, telling the court that Machala is currently serving six months in prison, which will be followed by six months on licence after his release in early December.

“For the last six months he has been behaving extremely well,” said the defence.

Machala was sentenced to two months in prison, which was added on the end of his current jail term. He immediately lodged an appeal against the consecutive nature of the sentence.

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