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Bangor man's wife tells murder suspect Binotti to hand himself in


Chief murder suspect Harris Binotti

Chief murder suspect Harris Binotti

Chief murder suspect Harris Binotti

The widow of murdered Bangor teacher Gary Ferguson has pleaded with the chief suspect Harris Binotti to hand himself into the authorities.

In an emotional plea, grieving Supatchaya Sichompor urged Mr Binotti to "give yourself up".

Her husband was found with chest and head injuries at the apartment of fellow English teacher Mr Binotti in Yangon back in November.

The 47-year-old was living in Myanmar (formerly Burma) with his wife and four-year-old son Jeremy at the time of his murder.

Local police said Mr Binotti (25) - originally from Dumfries - took a flight to Thailand the day before Mr Ferguson's body was found.

Gary's brother, Martin Ferguson said last week that his family won't properly grieve until his killer is behind bars.

He said: We're still in a lot of pain and shock. For us, we want to get to a place where we can start mourning the loss."

The victim's widow has made an emotional plea for Mr Binotti to give himself up.

Speaking to the The Irish Sun on Sunday, Ms Sichompor said: "Please give yourself up. You can run but you cannot hide forever. Please."

She added: "Our lives have changed dramatically and we will have no closure until justice has been done.

"I want justice to take place, for the Myanmar and British governments to do more to catch the suspect, Harris Binotti."

Mr Binotti, also known as Harris Stockbridge, was born in France but raised in Dumfries, Scotland.

He studied engineering at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen but dropped out after 18 months.

Police in Myanmar have said he is their chief suspect in the case, while detectives in Scotland said they were continuing to engage with the authorities in the south east Asian country.

"We are are not in a position to discuss the status or confirm publicly the whereabouts of a specific individual who may be the subject of a police investigation in another country," Scottish police commented.

"We are continuing to engage with Myanmar authorities via recognised channels through Interpol.

"No formal or legal request has been received by Police Scotland from the Myanmar authorities.

"Should any request be received we will take the appropriate steps and we continue to monitor the full circumstances of this matter."

Before he was murdered Mr Ferguson and his wife had been out for the evening with Mr Binotti and his Belgian girlfriend Elsie Devolder.

When Ms Sichompor went home her husband went back to Mr Binotti's flat.

Neighbours are reported to have said they heard a row and the police report recorded that Ms Devolder had phoned Ms Sichompor to say that the pair were fighting.

When Ms Sichompor phoned her husband the following morning, Mr Binotti answered and said that Mr Ferguson was asleep.

Mr Binotti left for Thailand that day at 4.30pm.

Both men were teachers at the Horizon International School in Yangon, located in the south of Myanmar.

Mr Ferguson had been working in the country for a year and Mr Binotti for three months.

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