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Bank aiming to seize all Quinn family global assets

By Dearbhail McDonald

The former Anglo Irish Bank is attempting to seize all the Irish and global assets of the daughters and sons-in-law of bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn.

Anglo, now known as the IBRC, said the Quinns cannot be trusted to comply with court orders not to strip valuable assets from the family's €500m (£400m) International Property Group (IPG).

The court orders already issued against members of the Quinn family freeze their bank accounts and restrict them to €2,000 (£1,600) a week for expenses.

Last month, the High Court in Dublin froze the assets of Fermanagh native Mr Quinn's children: Aoife, Ciara, Colette, Brenda and Sean Jnr.

Mr Quinn's nephew, Peter Darragh Quinn, the former head of IPG, and sons-in-law Stephen Kelly and Niall McPartland, were also ordered not to reduce their assets below €50m (£40m).

But yesterday the IBRC went back to the Irish court to ask permission to seek orders appointing receivers over the worldwide assets. The request, if approved, would result in the Quinns losing control over all of their personal assets.

The latest move follows the publication, last Sunday, of a video recording of a meeting in a restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine, in January 2012. The bank said the meeting was between Peter Darragh Quinn, Sean Quinn Jnr and others, including Larisa Puga.

Ms Puga is the alleged recipient of a disputed $500,000 (£320,000) payment — allegedly agreed by members of the Quinn family — from Quinn Properties Ukraine last August just before IBRC took over that company.

The video recording, the bank said, appeared to refer to attempts being made by members of the Quinn family in January 2012, “and which continue to be made”, to strip assets from a company holding a valuable asset, a shopping centre in Kiev, Ukraine.

The video showed that Peter Darragh Quinn was prepared to lie to the High Court in affidavits, Richard Woodhouse of IBRC said in an affidavit. He said the video showed Peter Quinn stating he was in breach of a court injunction and, when asked would he lie in his testimony, laughed and responded: “I'd have to lie.”

The footage also showed a discussion concerning Peter Quinn and Sean Quinn Jnr's desire to find a way to move $100,000 (£64,000) in cash from Kiev to an account in a safe place.

The judge said the bank could apply for the orders at a July 24 hearing.

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