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Bank holiday weather 'unsettled'

Anyone hoping for glorious weather over the Bank Holiday break will be out of luck.

Laura Young of the Met Office said: "It is going to be unsettled over the weekend. It is not going to be glorious sunshine."

Describing it as a "mixed" outlook, she said that "most people in most places" will get dry weather at some point, with temperatures a few degrees away from the averages to be expected at the start of May.

The Met Office said that northern and eastern areas should remain fine on Saturday, but it will become wet and breezy elsewhere. Rain will reach most parts on Sunday but sunshine and showers may develop on Monday.

By Bank Holiday Monday temperatures could range from around 13C in the north to 16C in the south, with London hitting 17C to 18C and Bristol at around 15C to 16C.

Ms Young pointed out that the average temperature for England in May is 15.8C while Scotland expects averages of 14.9C, Scotland 13C and Northern Ireland 14.5C.

Earlier this week, parts of Britain, particularly in the Scottish Highlands and the north of Britain, were hit by snowstorms overnight as an Arctic blast sent temperatures plunging.

It came just weeks after the country enjoyed the warmest April day in four years, as the balmy weather gave way to wintry conditions.

Around 1.2in (3cm) of snow lay on the ground in the Highlands of Scotland after storms hit the north of Britain.

And the Pennines and Northern Ireland have both also been struck by sleet and snow showers.


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