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Bank's bid to recover Peter Curistan loans fails

A bank locked in a legal battle with Belfast businessman Peter Curistan has failed in a High Court bid to recover more than £1m in property loans.

Anglo Irish Bank was seeking summary judgment against him as part of wider proceedings between the two sides.

But a Master at the High Court dismissed the application on the basis that the property developer has an arguable case for alleged breach of fiduciary duty. It means Anglo will have to go to full trial to try to recover the money .

Mr Curistan said: “I'm delighted with another successful outcome against the aggressive Anglo Irish Bank. It's the third court that has said I have a substantial, genuine dispute that should be heard in open court, and not treated as a quick-fix for Anglo.”

Lawyers for Mr Curistan defended the application and linked it to the extensive and continuing litigation involving his companies which ran part of the Odyssey entertainment complex in Belfast.

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