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Banned driver with almost 100 driving convictions is jailed

A driver with almost 100 driving convictions has been jailed for 15 months and banned for a further five years.

Having heard how 34-year-old Anthony Fitzgerald Harmon had a criminal record containing some 163 convictions, including close to 100 for driving offences, Belfast Crown Court Judge Gordon Kerr QC told him he had an "horrendous record" and ordered him to spend seven months in jail and the rest on supervised licence.

Earlier he heard how cops on mobile patrol spotted Harmon driving a Seat Leon car on November 9 last year.

Prosecuting lawyer Simon Jenkins told the court Harmon had been banned from the roads for 12 years in 2001 with further numerous bans put in place between now and then.

Harmon, from Southwell Street in Belfast, was arrested, interviewed and later pleaded guilty to driving while banned and without insurance.

Defence lawyer Alan Blackburn said Harmon knew he was going to jail, "the only issue is for how long".

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