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Bar of soap saves thousands of litres of diesel spilling out of tanker

A bar of soap has come to the rescue and stopped thousands of litres of diesel from spilling out of an overturned tanker.

On Tuesday a tanker overturned on the A4 dual carriageway, causing the road to be closed for a number of hours.

The scene was attended by Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, who found a minor leak in the tanker.

Crews deployed environmental kits to stop fuel from entering the drains, and used a foam blanket to prevent risk of ignition.

It was when the tanker was lifted back onto its wheels by a crane that a leak became apparent, and the bar of soap came into its own.

Writing on the NIFRS West Facebook page, a spokesperson said: "Using an old trick of the trade, a bar of household soap was placed on the rupture, the soap reacted with the diesel to provide a temporary bung to stop leakage until another tanker could be brought in to decant the fuel to.

"By their actions the vast majority of fuel from the leaking tanker was prevented from escaping and causing damage to the environment, as well as speeding up the operation, so that this extremely busy carriage way was re-opened as soon as possible."

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