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Baravan mobile pub: Tyrone man hopes his 'bespoke caravan bar' will shake up Irish social scene

A civil engineer from Co Tyrone is hoping to take Ireland's social scene on the move with a bespoke 'caravan bar'.

Mark Mooney (25), from Dungannon, explained how he and some friends came up with idea for his 'baravan' while spending time at his family’s caravan in Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo.

Since buying a second hand van from an elderly man, he has been hard at work designing and fitting out the unique restoration project.

Mooney currently works in Dublin, and has been diligently travelling to Tyrone on weekends to work on his pet-project since July.

The finished product will be a movable party venue with its very own sound system a full working bar and a fully operable heating system.

Named the Dungloe Baravan after the Donegal town, the mobile pub even has a fire in it.

"You just hook it onto the back of a vehicle and take it to where the party is,” he explained.

When asked how the idea came about, he said: “Me and my friends came down to my mobile home in Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, and one of the guys is a bar man and we had a keg.

“We set the keg up with a few optics and converted the mobile home into a bar and I just thought it was a great idea - that’s how it came around."

More photos of the Dungloe Baravan can be found on Facebook HERE or email for more information

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