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Barcelona bus crash victims were left to sleep in Gatwick Airport following trauma

Easyjet has apologised after two injured bus crash victims from Northern Ireland were forced to sleep overnight in Gatwick Airport.

Cousins Grace Linton (25) and Joanne Magee (36) endured a two-day trip home after they were hospitalised in a Barcelona bus crash early on Wednesday.

Ms Linton called the flight arrangements made by easyjet an "absolute sham".

Due to delays caused by the accident, the cousins were only able to arrive at the airport 16 minutes before their flight.

"I was in crutches, they said we were two minutes late and had to wait another four hours," said Grace.

"We waited and got a connecting flight to Gatwick at 7.45pm and the connecting flight to Belfast was at 8.20pm, but as the flight to Gatwick was delayed we missed it."

She said the airline then refused to pay for overnight accommodation.

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"We felt that they blamed us and I just found that ridiculous because it was the easyjet rep in Barcelona (who booked it)," said Grace.

"I can hardly walk, I was in crutches, being pushed around in a wheelchair and had to sleep in an airport chair. Joanne was also badly bruised with whiplash."

A spokeswoman for easyjet said: "The company was sorry to hear Ms Linton and Ms Magee were involved in a bus crash in Barcelona and understand how upsetting and difficult this would have been for them."

She said the late arrival meant it was not practical to put them on the afternoon flight. Air Traffic control delays on the later flight meant "it wasn't possible for them to make the flight from London Gatwick to Belfast."

"EasyJet should have provided overnight accommodation to Ms Linton and Ms Magee and we are sorry this wasn't the case."

The spokeswoman added: "A member of our customer service team will be in touch with them directly to discuss this."

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