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Barry McElduff’s daughter hits back at presenter Frank Mitchell over Northern Ireland team row

The daughter of former Sinn Fein MP Barry McElduff was prominent among the critics who slammed UTV’s Frank Mitchell at the weekend over his support for Northern Ireland’s football team.

“The Good Friday Agreement afforded citizens in the North the right to be Irish or British. It is not your business to tell people what their nationality is.

“Stick to the presenting,” Niamh McElduff tweeted at Mr Mitchell.

The U105 presenter replied: “Niamh, I’m a football fan.

“I support NI and I will continue to make all players welcome so as to improve the team. For me it’s football!”

Ms McElduff responded: “Grand — just don’t tell other people what their national identity is and who they can and can’t support. I’m no big soccer fan but it is perfectly legitimate to be from Belfast and support the Irish team. It is perfectly legitimate to be Irish in Ireland.”

Mr Mitchell also invited Ms McElduff, a Sinn Fein activist, to take part in today’s debate on the airwaves.

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