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BBC launch Hugo Duncan sat-nav download

By Heather McGarrigle

“Turn round, ye eejit, you’ve gone the wrong way!”

Not a phrase you’ve come to expect from a gadget that normally speaks in female, clipped English tones.

However, as of today, outbursts like this could greet you at every wrong turn and prove the perfect antidote to road rage.

It seems your Uncle Hugo not only loves you, he wants to help get you safely from A to B.

Fans of BBC Radio Ulster will be well-used to enjoying the cheerful sound of Hugo Duncan’s voice during car journeys. But for those who can’t get enough of his dulcet tones from the afternoon show, it is now possible to have in-car driving directions read out by the “wee man from Strabane” himself.

Hugo said: “I know a lot of people listen to the show on the road, so now they can get some extra Uncle Hugo to help them along on those long journeys. Just pretend I’m in the car with you, hee hee!”

Instead of being politely asked to change direction, you’ll be called an “eejit” if you take a wrong turn.

Rather than simply being told to “take the third exit”, you’ll be helpfully advised not to drive over the top of roundabouts.

No longer will you be told that “you have reached your destination”. With the Radio Ulster download, Hugo will instead declare: “We’re here! Skiddly-aye-dee-diddle-deddle-dum”.

Who knows, if you drive too slow, Hugo D might order you to “keep ’er lit” or “horse it into ye, Cynthia”. Once you reach the end of your journey, it could be “time for tea with Hugo D”, where there’ll no doubt be cream buns and Bounty Bars aplenty.

By visiting the Radio Ulster website at ster, listeners can download Hugo’s voice to their TomTom or Garmin SatNav device. There are step-by-step instructions and trouble-hooting advice on the site.

Hugo reckons the people of Northern Ireland will appreciate a familiar voice on their travels.

He said: “It’s not like me to tell people where to go, but sure at least I’m not telling anyone to get lost. Just don’t blame me if you take a wrong turn, ye eejits.”

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