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BBC NI apologises over Translink tweet

By Laura Abernethy

BBC Northern Ireland was left red-faced after an accidental tweet saw it hit out at Translink over a late bus.

An irate BBC employee tweeted Translink from the official BBC Northern Ireland account while waiting for a bus home from the city centre just before 6.30pm on Wednesday.

The tweet said: "Waited 20 minutes at city hall for an 18 or 19. Is the 1755 a joke bus on the timetable? three 5As tho'. @Translink_NI".

Translink, which provides help and support to users on Twitter who are having travel problems throughout the day, didn't seem to notice who they were responding to but they were quick to apologise for the problems, blaming it on rush hour traffic.

Their employees tweeted back: "Sorry delays & disruption to all services this evening due to heavy traffic in/out of City Centre. Apologies for this."

There were heavy delays across the city centre on Wednesday night.

Roads have been busy in recent weeks as heavy rain and last-minute Christmas shopping have led to slow-moving traffic throughout the city.

Translink explained that there were problems for Metro buses across Belfast as the traffic started to build up. The BBC tweet was spotted within minutes as some followers pointed out the mistake.

One person tweeted: "BBCnireland obviously uses a bus and gets cross when it doesn't show up."

Within 45 minutes, the message was deleted and the BBC apologised to Translink for the angry message.

They explained that the tweet was meant to be from another account. "Previous tweet deleted as not intended for this account. Human error.

"We apologise to Translink and for the confusion."

BBC Northern Ireland's 14,300 followers seemed to be pretty understanding.

One replied: "We all make mistakes. Sure as you say, we are human ;)."

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