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BBC Nolan show apology over 'inappropriate' racial slur made live on air

A BBC Radio Ulster presenter has apologised after a caller referred to a black man as a "coloured guy" live on air.

The man made the remarks during a discussion on the BBC Nolan Show about dress codes and fashion standards.

The man was talking about watching the BBC's Masterchef programme and he said a special guest appeared who was a "coloured guy" and wore gym shoes.

Moments after the remark, stand-in presenter Vinny Hurrell returned to the comment.

He interrupted one commentator to say: "We had a caller on a few minutes ago -  who I missed, I didn't hear - who used a term that is not really used that's not appropriate to use anymore when we refer to black people.

"So apologies for that, I missed that."

The campaign charity Show Racism the Red Card - after Benedict Cumberbatch used the term in a 2015 interview - said the term was outdated and had the potential to cause offence due to the connotations associated with it and its historical usage.

The BBC has been asked for a comment.

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