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BBC presenter's shock at Eleventh night bonfires: 'There's no way on earth you'd be able to do this in England. You'd be in so much trouble'

A BBC presenter expressed her shock at loyalist bonfires in Northern Ireland as she traveled here to make a documentary about the DUP's confidence and supply deal to support Theresa May's government.

The programme called Stacey Dooley Investigates: The Billion Pound Party is part of the broadcaster's investigative current affairs series.

As part of it, it shows her visiting the Bloomfield bonfire in east Belfast ahead of the Eleventh night.

She said: "There's no way on earth you'd be able to do this in England. You'd be in so much trouble."

She then asks one of the bonfire builders why they had put a tricolour on it and they reply: "Burning the Irish flag is like burning an ISIS flag.

"The IRA live under the Irish flag...the IRA and ISIS are the exact same, both kill innocent people for nothing."

When asked why election posters were being put on a bonfire a woman says: "Because they are our memories."

Stacey tells the camera afterwards: "Some of it is very shocking...the comparison with the ISIS flag and the Irish flag was very uncomfortable."

She later expressed dismay that firefighters were cooling down nearby building but were not putting out the fire.

She says: "This seems a bit ridiculous."

The documentary is available on BBC IPlayer.

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