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BBC Trust boss to call for i-licence fee to fund BBC

By Lorna Cooper

The chairman of the BBC Trust is expected to call for an "i-licence fee" to fund the BBC.

In a keynote speech at the autumn conference of the Voice of the Listener & Viewer (VLV), Rona Fairhead will outline the public's desire for "evolution, not revolution" for tomorrow's BBC.

"While the licence fee remains, though, there is widespread support for modernising it to cover BBC iPlayer and catch-up services," she is expected to say.

"This move towards an 'i-licence fee' for the digital age is, in our view, long overdue. The widely supported method of funding the BBC should be protected, but reformed for the 21st century."

She will urge the Government to fulfil its promise as soon as possible, and also reveal that BBC research indicates the public's broad support for a universal form of public funding for the BBC - either through the licence fee or some form of household levy.

Ms Fairhead is also expected to call on the Government to "rule out" funding via subscriptions

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