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BBC's Connor Phillips and Holly Hamilton welcome baby son


Holly Hamilton with Connor Phillips

Holly Hamilton with Connor Phillips

Holly Hamilton with Connor Phillips

BBC presenting duo Holly Hamilton and Connor Phillips have announced the birth of a baby boy.

Baby boy Fionn was born on Thursday - or 21/1/21 - Radio Ulster presenter Connor announced as he popped onto his mid-morning show on Monday.

Connor said mum and baby were doing very well.

"He's loving life," Connor told his listeners.

Later Holly posted a picture of a tiny hand gripping her finger.

"The newest addition to our bubble," she tweeted. "Welcome to the world Fionn Phillips! Born 21/1/21 - and already has us wrapped around his tiny little finger.

"Thanks to the amazing staff at the Ulster Hospital who helped bring this little dude into our lives. I’m obsessed."

Connor said the birthing plan basically "went in the bin" as they arrived at the hospital. He praised all the staff at the Ulster Hospital for their efforts on making the couple comfortable.

"It's the weirdest thing, the scariest thing you'll ever do, but they made it.. they just sat there and had the craic with us. And we were cacking ourselves," he said.

"It is not really well done to me.

"I just sat there, cut the cord, 'grab that wee man go out there and sit down ... your wife is amazing'.

"This is one of the times. Men - sorry I don't want to talk men down - but men we are nothing compared to our female counterparts when it comes to child birth.

"It is just incredible."

Connor joked he had not been fired as some had suggested was the reason for his absence from the airwaves.

"Fionn Phillips," he added, "you can tell his mother is Holly Hamilton."

He said the last few days had been a "whirlwind".

"Nothing can prepare you for that first night," he said, "as you don't really understand."

"And the new human does not understand as well. So you have two sets of humans who do not understand and then you try and do something different the second night, you read all the books and you listen to all the experts and you go ... 'screw you we'll do it our way'."

He said they were managing to grab two or three hours sleep, "but you know what it is worth it".

Stand-in presenter Phil Taggart played some messages from listeners welcoming the birth.

He added: "I'm in bits here, that is amazing. Thanks to everyone that says I now have the duty of being the least immature in the house.

"We know that is not going to happen, I'm going to be the biggest child in this house well into this young man's years.

"Holly has now two kids. One semi-fully grown, and one three days old," he joked.


Holly Hamilton and Connor Phillips on their wedding day in 2018

Holly Hamilton and Connor Phillips on their wedding day in 2018

Holly Hamilton and Connor Phillips on their wedding day in 2018

Holly, who's originally from Greyabbey in Co Down, and the Jonesborough man met when they were both together at Downtown Radio and Cool FM before landing jobs with the BBC.

Connor proposed at Edinburgh Castle four years ago and they were married in a ceremony in the Algarve in June 2018.

The couple revealed they were expecting last year, announcing the news on the BBC's Children in Need.

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph last year, Holly, who went to Regent House in Newtownards, while Connor attended Abbey Grammar School in Newry, said they were not finding out what they were having, instead waiting on a "little New Year's surprise" and their family was "over the moon" at the news.

Holly also told how she broke the news of their pregnancy to her other half over Zoom during lockdown, as she was in Manchester and Connor was in Newry.

"It wasn't how I planned to tell him of course... his face was a picture. I was able to screen record his reaction, which was funny."

Holly added: "We'd always talked about having children and said if it was meant to be it was meant to be... although we hadn't planned a whole pandemic in the middle of it."

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