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BBC's Nicola McCarthy masters university course


Nicola McCarthy

Nicola McCarthy

Nicola McCarthy

BBC Sport NI presenter Nicola McCarthy has conquered the Masters - in the world of education.

Nicola joined a host of sporting names who have graduated with a Masters of Sports Directorship (MSD) from Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Holywood-based broadcaster is well-known in local sporting circles through her work with BBC and Radio Ulster.

Originally from Newtownards, Nicola spent six years with the media team at Manchester City - despite being a Manchester United fan - and interviewed stars such as Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne to name but a few.

After returning to Northern Ireland with her husband Brendan and daughters Sophie (6) and Ellie (3) in 2018, Nicola began working with BBC NI but still travelled to Manchester as much of her career was heavily based in the city. She has since joined the BBC in Belfast on a full-time basis and as part of her role, Nicola presents The Irish League Show.

Last month, Nicola graduated with a qualification in MSD, which is designed to develop the personal and commercial attributes needed to become a successful sporting director at football clubs and other sporting organisations.

She joins former Rangers stars David Weir and Lee McCulloch, who graduated with an MSD earlier this summer.

"The course was fantastic," she said. "I had heard quite a bit about it just through various people at Man City and beyond in other sports.

"It was one of those things, I had just had my second daughter and she was only six-months-old.

"I wasn't sure if the timing was right but as soon as I looked at the syllabus and saw the kind of areas that the course was going to cover, I thought it was perfect for me. It was really a wonderful course and just perfectly tailored to what I was looking for in terms of learning."

Nicola said that her "passion" will always be broadcasting but hopes that the MSD course can help her become the best she can be in her job.

"I would love to effect change in whatever way I can. Being a woman in a heavily male dominated industry and really just taking all of that in and realising that there are ways that hopefully I can bring change," she said.

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