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BBC's Nolan confronts man filming him out shopping with mum

Is that overstepping the marks asks BBC's highest paid NI star


BBC presenter Stephen Nolan

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan has revealed how he confronted a member of the public who was filming him out shopping with his mum.

The Radio Ulster presenter was out buying furniture with his mum when he spotted a man filming him from his van as he tried to get a new chair in his car.

"And I thought 'clear off, it's a Sunday clear off, I'm out with my mum'," he told his legion of listeners on Monday morning's Nolan show.

"So I started filming him, I got my phone up turned up and put the camera on and thrust it toward him. And he just looked disgusted and started nattering with his wife or whoever it was in the car with him.

"And I thought oh goodness we are going to have such a BBC row here, we are going to have 'BBC presenter in row in car park.'"

He said his mother, Big Audrey, was shouting at him to put the phone away. He said if the man considered him public property, then he too was public property.

"Is that acceptable?" Do you think it's overstepping the mark for me to film him?"

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Earlier the presenter revealed how he was trapped in his Co Down 'Fantasy Island' home, when a power cut meant his electric gates wouldn't open - or his curtains.

He said he had mistakenly handed in his gate keys when he traded-in his last car meaning he was left stuck.

"I tried to ring a man, but the man wouldn't come," he said.

"We were stuck in the house until half past four. I couldn't power up phone, I couldn't open the curtains - I've electric curtains. I shouldn't have said that.

"My Calypso melted in the freezer - it was a diaster."

"There's a headline for any local paper," said sidekick presenter Vinny Hurrell.

"What middle class problems you have."

Earlier this year it was revealed Mr Nolan was among the highest paid stars on the BBC.

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