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BBC's Stephen Nolan car nap mistaken for heart attack as passers-by calls police

By Claire Williamson

Stephen Nolan has thanked the public for their vigilance as concerned passers-by called the police thinking he had suffered a heart attack in his car - when he was just having a nap.

The BBC presenter had returned from America and was feeling a little jet lagged.

When driving along the Newtownards road on the way home he felt tired so pulled over and planned to close his eyes for 10-15 minutes until he felt safe to drive again.

He said: "An hour later I had got home and the police rang me and said a number of motorists had thought I'd taken a heart attack because I was lying in the car with my eyes closed and apparently I was holding my chest."

Nolan reassured the public that there was nothing wrong and thanked them for their actions and concern.

He said: "I wanted to say thank you, to pick up the phone and ring the police thank you very much indeed.

"All I was doing was having a wee doze."

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